My name is George and I became a licensed amateur radio operator in February of 2010. I am a pharmaceutical sales rep and I'm in my car most of the day. Having a HAM radio sure makes the day go by fast. I talk with poeple all over northeast Ohio, as well as the WORLD!! I am using a Kenwood TM-D710 dual band radio along with a TE Systems 1412G amplifier (www.tesystems.com), Comet CA-2X4SR dual band wide receieve antenna, as well as the Super-M Ultra Mobile antenna, made by MP Antenna (www.mpantenna.com).

I have become very interested in the IRLP, Echolink, and AllStar Link aspect of the hobby. Its amazing how you can connect all over the world, the best part is you don't need any towers or big antennas!!! To connect to Echolink and IRLP, I use a micro-node (www.micro-node.com). My IRLP node number is: 7117, my Echolink node number is: 44119, and my AllStar Link Network node number is: 27897 (www.allstarlink.org).

I am also interested in APRS (automatic packet reporting system). When you click the "APRS" tab, you will be able to see my location, IN REAL-TIME!! plus routes I traveled in the past. WD8GEO-9 is the mobile, and WD8GEO-1 is the home base. Thanks for stopping by and checking out WD8GEO's "APRS-in-the-Mobile" site.

Please join us every THURSDAY evening at 9:30pm (est), that's 01:30UTC, for the: "ROUND-THE-WORLD QSO" This net meets on IRLP micro-node reflector 9669. Echolink users may also join in by using the U-NODE conference, that is node number 412778. The U-NODE conference is a bridge to the micro-node reflector. So we have local and world-wide stations connected, IRLP stations connected, and Echolink stations all connected at once.